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New Zealand's first solar grid shared by local businesses to save big bucks on power

Auckland's Morningside precinct has unveiled its sustainable secret. The first solar grid shared by businesses in New Zealand.

The 75-kilowatt system is made up of 250 solar panels covering the precinct's roof.

Sunergise NZ chief executive Paul Makumbe says it's the way of the future. How it works is the building uses the power that is generated by the solar panels and when it needs more power it will draw from the grid.

The installation has been two years in the making and Morningside Precinct developer Rod Ballenden says it was a no brainier.

“I think there is just no good reason not too I just can’t understand why they wouldn’t use what is essentially a flat and unused asset in their roofs. There is no restriction on its benefits and I think everybody should be getting on board.”

Ballenden says it’s not just about the environment.

He says the system could take hundreds of dollars off the power bills of the 11 businesses in the precinct.

“There is a significant saving from being off the grid”, says Rod Ballenden.

Energy Minister Megan Woods officially opened the grid and tried a drink made by the power of the sun.

She says it’s a step in the right direction, showing it’s possible for small businesses to make a difference.


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