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Installing Solar Panels

Are you solar-suitable?

A PV system for an average-sized house can be installed for under 10 grand. However, how long it’ll take to pay itself off depends on several factors, including:

  • how much power the panels generate, how much of that you use, and how much is sold back to the retailer

  • the earnings you forgo by not investing the money spent on solar elsewhere or, if you are borrowing, the interest payments you make

  • how much power prices and buy-back rates rise or fall over the lifetime of your panels, and

  • the lifetime cost of the system, including solar installations.

Assessing your property for PV suitability essentially comes down to two factors: the power a system can generate and how much of that power you can use.


What can you generate?

In the southern hemisphere your panels need to face north to get the best power production. Your roof will ideally be north-east- to north-west-facing, with a 15 to 45° pitch. Falling outside this range cuts down how much power panels can generate.

Look for shading on the roof – think nearby hills, trees or buildings. As soon as panels are in shade, their generation levels plummet. Small patches, such as the shadow cast by a chimney, can be overcome using micro inverters or power optimisers, but these cost. Think long-term as well. How big will the neighbours’ trees be in 20 years? Is there the possibility of taller buildings being put up in your area?

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This is Team Triangle

We proudly hold the biggest solar installation team record in New Zealand. Since our start with Triangle Solar Energy, we have more than 50 registered electricians, 32 highly skilled solar technicians masterclass solar installers and 3 energy engineer in both residential and commercial solar industry. Aiming to provide the best cost-effective and cutting-edge solar system technology designs in New Zealand, we tailor every design to each household’s power needs, suits commercial owner’s investment payback period.

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