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Winter Warm Up Plan

To help kiwi family beat the chill. Triangle Solar Energy came up a "Winter Warm Up" Plan.

With our $0 deposit payment plans, you could get up to $30,000 NZD to invest in your preferred residential solar systems, even with lithium battery storage.


Warm up before running in winter

The sun is an abundant energy source that’s freely available and renewable.

We harness the sun’s energy in several ways. Passive solar design is the use of solar radiation to heat our buildings. Buildings that are specifically passive solar designed make best use of the sun’s free warmth in winter, whilst keeping it out in summer when it is not needed.

Winter Warm up plan will helping Triangle customers to beat the chill in this winter(After COID-19).

Solar made simple. We made Solar simple.

How to apply

Contact with our Registered Financial Adviser Alex Guo to get more information about how to apply $30,000 NZD Triangle Winter Warm Up plan. With his years of experience in financing industry and quality service, Team Triangle will make sure to work out the best solution for every family who wants to live in a healthy and energy-efficient home.

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