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A staff checking solar panels

Why get Solar for your business?

Short ROI

Reduce your power bills whilst protecting against the uncertainty of future energy prices. All excess solar energy you generate will be exported back to the grid at up to 17c/kWh

No capital outlay

Solar equipment is installed on your premises at no up front cost to your business.

Your solar-generated electricity is typically locked in at a lower rate from day one, reducing your exposure to rising energy costs.

PPA Friendly

With our PPAs, you can typically replace up to 50% of your grid-sourced energy – at rates up to 50% cheaper than grid energy.

The PPA is a fully serviced solution – so you are not responsible for operations, maintenance or insurance.

Cashflow Positive 

With our partner Ecotricity. We can provide you with a 100% carbon-zero certified electricity. Switching to solar supports NZ to achieve carbon emission goals as well as supporting future generations to enjoy a carbon-free future. Going solar also heavily reduces your own carbon footprint.

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