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Ecotricity Partnership

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

We've recently partnered with Ecotricity to bring Solar and other sources of renewable energy together.

The only 100% Carbon Zero Certified renewable electricity provider in New Zealand.

With a Hybrid Solar System installed, You can now sell your excess solar power/energy for 16c per kWh, the HIGHEST CarboNZero certified export rates in New Zealand.

This partnership aims to encourage more Kiwis to start their Solar Journey and benefit from Ecotricity's amazing energy import and export rates whilst being 100% Carbon-Free at the same time.

As we come together and make the switch to renewable energy sources, we slowly help Aotearoa reach our 2050 Zero Carbon goals.

Now you can Save More with Solar thanks to Ecotricity!

(Applies to Low users on the Eco Battery Price plan - Excludes network charges, No fixed contracts or termination fees).

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